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Hot Off the Presses: AppleSeeds Features Amusement Parks

25 Jun

AppleSeeds magazine launches a thrilling issue this summer with “How the World Works: Amusement Parks.” While AppleSeeds is a social studies publication geared towards grades 3-5, this installment is the perfect read for coaster enthusiasts of all ages.

CraveCoasters’ own Stephen “Crave” Cravak had the honor of serving as the consulting editor ensuring each article accurately represented and portrayed the wonderful world of amusement parks.

Special thanks to AppleSeeds, editor Susan Buckley, and all of the writers, photographers and contributors for delivering a fresh, unique, and informative look into the amusement industry.

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Name that Coaster: Round 1

24 Mar

Welcome to CraveCoaster’s “Name that Coaster.”

We show you a photo of some track, and you guess which coaster it is. Keep track of your points and comment below, so the world can know who is the SUPREME COASTER SPOTTER!


  • +10: Correct Name (allow yourself 3 guesses)


  • +2: Designer/Maker
  • +2: Park
  • +2: Year


  • -1: for each hint used


1.) The smallest and newest of its kind

2.) A Japanese Tolkien would have approved this coaster

3.) Its name is actually an acronym

4.) Its park has studio-sized competition

5.) エルフ

Click here to reveal the answer!

Big & White Ride

14 Feb

Back in 1986, Wild World amusement park, now Six Flags America, unveiled their big and white wooden roller coaster the “Wild One.” What better way to promote this ride than with a big and white wrestler, namely the late Big John Stud.

For those interested in professional wrestling be sure to check out our sister site The RingWriters.

Leviathan: Monstrous Construction

9 Jan

Canada’s Wonderland, just north of Toronto, always boasted a large collection of coasters. As opposed to quality, their specialty was sadly quantity. Things shifted when the park introduced its first Bolliger and Mabillard designed coaster with Behemoth in 2008. This trend will continue to a record breaking height of 306 feet (93.26 meters) with the park’s second B&M steel gem, Leviathan, set to fly in May, 2012.

On January 9th, CraveCoasters was fortunate to snag some shots of the construction. For more detailed shots and information on Leviathan’s construction be sure to head to CWMania.

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Gingerbread Coaster

4 Jan

A ginger presenting gingerbread houses.

While meandering the not-so-mean streets of downtown Pittsburgh, some friends were kind enough to take me to PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) Place’s Gingerbread House Display. In it’s 9th year, this competition and display is held in the PPG Place Wintergarden in the exterior windows of Two PPG Place from November 18th through January 7th. The viewing is free to the public and all gingerbread houses may be purchased with the proceeds going towards Children’s Hospital Free Care Fund.

Edible Displays

Of course I’m hooked. This event somehow manages to combine free, creativity, and food; three of my favorite things. But what I didn’t know is that it also contained my most favorite thing in the world… Continue reading

Ride It! – Mitsui Greenland’s Gao

10 Nov

Ride It! – Mitsui Greenland’s Grampus Jet

10 Nov

Sayonara to Loop the Loop?

16 Aug

It’s business as usual during the sweltering summer vacation season at Tohoku area amusement parks. Though Sendai Highland remains shaken from March 11th’s disastrous 8.9 level earthquake. According to Highland manager Sato-San, attendance has begun to match last year’s figures following the Golden Week holidays in May. But one of their flagship rides, the Loop the Loop shuttle roller coaster has been closed since the earthquake. Built in 1981 by Meisho, Loop the Loop continued to operate while neighboring shuttle loops, like the one at Toshimaen in Tokyo, have recently closed forever due to maintenance costs. Continue reading

Ride It! – Sendai Highland’s Mad Mouse

15 Aug

“Crave the Coasterer” recently invaded the tracks at Sendai Highland amusement park in Miyagi, Japan. Here is the Ride It! video from the park’s Mad Mouse coaster built the same year as the Hurricane.


Roller Coaster: A Global Dictionary

6 Jun

DISCLAIMER: Currently the list is grouped geographically. Several languages simply use the English “roller coaster,” and have thus been left off of the list. The information below is meant to be a reference but should not yet be trusted as a dictionary. Please understand this glossary is a continual work in progress. The goal is to make it 100% accurate. If you have any languages, corrections, or insight to add please comment below or e-mail Crave Cravak at scravak@hotmail.com. 


North America:

English: roller coaster, coaster

Haitian Creole: coaster roulo

Hawaiian: kaʻa lola (rolling roller)

South America:

Spanish: montaña rusa

Portuguese: montanha russa


English (UK): roller coaster, big dippers

Latin: Coaster cylindro

Irish: Cóstóir Roithleáin  /  coaster sorcóir

Spanish: montaña rusa

Galician: montaña rusa

Portuguese: montanha russa

French: montagne russe

Italian: montagne russe  /  otto volante (flying eight)

Hungarian: hullámvasút (wave + railway)

German: achterbahn

Dutch: achtbaan (going in eights)  /  roetsjbaan

Danish: rutchebane

Turkish: hiz treni (speed train)

Polish: kolejka górska

Danish: rutschebane

Swedish: berg-och-dalbana (mountain and valley track)

Norewegian: berg-og-dalbane (mountain and valley track)

Persian: coaster غلتکی

Arabic: أفعوانية

Hebrew: רכבת הרים (rakevet harim) – mountain train  /  רכבת שדים (rakevet shedim) – demon train

Yiddish: וואַל קאָוסטער

Armenian: լիսեռ coaster

Serbian: брдска железница

Finnish/Suomi: vuoristorata (mountain track)

Catalan: Muntanya russa

Czech: horská dráha (mountain track/railroad)  /   housenková dráha (caterpillar track)

Slovak: húsenková dráha (caterpillar track)

Croatian: vlak smrti (train of death)  /  brdska željeznica

Romanian: montagne russe (french loan word)

Albanian: slitë rul

Latvian: coaster cylindro

Lithuanian: coaster cylindro

Ukrainian: гірках

Macedonian: ролеркостер

Estonian: ameerika mäed (American mountains)

Bulgaria: влакче в увеселителен парк

Greek: το τρενάκι του λούνα παρκ//to trenáki tou lúna park (little train of the amusement park)  /  Καταδυόμενο τρενάκι (kataðiomeno trenaci, n.), lit. “plunging little train

Esperanto: onda fervojo (wavy railroad)

Belarusian: горках

Russian: amerikanskiye gorki (American hills)


Azerbaijani: roller sahil gəmisi

Hindi: रोलर कोस्टर

Urdu: رولر coaster

Thai: รถไฟเหาะ

Mandarin (Chinese): 过山车 (guo shan che)  /  雲宵飛車 (yun2 xiao1 fei1 che1): literally cloud night flying car

Taiwanese: 雲宵飛車

Japanese: ジェットコースター (Jet Coaster)  /    絶叫マシーン (zekkyou machine) – It’s used for any thrill ride, but also for coasters

Korean: 롤러 코스터 (rorra kosuteo / roller coaster)

Filipino: pison naninirahan malapit sa baybayin

Tagalog: rodilyo

Special thanks to global friends, fellow coasterers, google translate, wikipedia and ‘wordreference.com’s’ message board. 

Last updated: 06/06/2011