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Big & White Ride

14 Feb

Back in 1986, Wild World amusement park, now Six Flags America, unveiled their big and white wooden roller coaster the “Wild One.” What better way to promote this ride than with a big and white wrestler, namely the late Big John Stud.

For those interested in professional wrestling be sure to check out our sister site The RingWriters.


The Roller Skater: A Man Skates Down a Coaster Track

10 Feb

Talk about the ultimate “Sunday Stroll,” thrill seeker Dirk Auer set a world record by skating down the wooden track of the  “Mammoth” coaster at Trips Drill in Germany. Read the full Sun article here and/or watch the video below.

Take a Peek at Beny-Land

12 Jan

For most of us, the closest we get to amusement parks outside of our countries are the pictures and trip reports of fellow coasterers. While Theme Park Review produces professional quality videos, most of what we see is at the amateur level. Luckily Beny-Land, Sendai’s local family owned and operated amusement has posted a commercial nearly a minute and a half long showcasing the park’s attractions. As a bonus your ears will be treated to the park’s timeless jingle. Visit the Beny-Land website to view the video or click here.

AirTime – Credit Coaster

7 Apr

I enjoy a juicy jingle and a jubilant romp on a coaster, but together? Well that’s 32 seconds of glory. Say hello to’s snazzy commercial shot on Goliath at La Ronde, a Six Flags park in Montreal, Canada.

AirTime – Starburst Commercial

7 Apr

I never thought one needed to enhance the flavor of a roller coaster, but apparently Starburst thought their new cherry flavor was “wild” enough for the wild mouse.

AirTime – Grocery Coasting

1 Apr

The world may judge items “Made in China,” but when it comes to innovative shopping you have to fasten your seatbelt and applaud the Chinese!

AirTime – Parenthood

30 Mar

Welcome to ‘Air Time,’ a segment taking the ‘time’ to share coaster cameos and references that ‘aired’ in pop culture media.

In this installment we revisit the 1989 motion picture comedy ‘Parenthood.’ Steve Martin’s character prefers life to revolve safely like a merry-go-round, while his wife enjoys the thrill of a coaster. In this scene, ‘Grandma’ provides a metaphor explaining that parenthood is a roller coaster worth riding.