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Roller Coaster: A Global Dictionary

6 Jun

DISCLAIMER: Currently the list is grouped geographically. Several languages simply use the English “roller coaster,” and have thus been left off of the list. The information below is meant to be a reference but should not yet be trusted as a dictionary. Please understand this glossary is a continual work in progress. The goal is to make it 100% accurate. If you have any languages, corrections, or insight to add please comment below or e-mail Crave Cravak at scravak@hotmail.com. 


North America:

English: roller coaster, coaster

Haitian Creole: coaster roulo

Hawaiian: kaʻa lola (rolling roller)

South America:

Spanish: montaña rusa

Portuguese: montanha russa


English (UK): roller coaster, big dippers

Latin: Coaster cylindro

Irish: Cóstóir Roithleáin  /  coaster sorcóir

Spanish: montaña rusa

Galician: montaña rusa

Portuguese: montanha russa

French: montagne russe

Italian: montagne russe  /  otto volante (flying eight)

Hungarian: hullámvasút (wave + railway)

German: achterbahn

Dutch: achtbaan (going in eights)  /  roetsjbaan

Danish: rutchebane

Turkish: hiz treni (speed train)

Polish: kolejka górska

Danish: rutschebane

Swedish: berg-och-dalbana (mountain and valley track)

Norewegian: berg-og-dalbane (mountain and valley track)

Persian: coaster غلتکی

Arabic: أفعوانية

Hebrew: רכבת הרים (rakevet harim) – mountain train  /  רכבת שדים (rakevet shedim) – demon train

Yiddish: וואַל קאָוסטער

Armenian: լիսեռ coaster

Serbian: брдска железница

Finnish/Suomi: vuoristorata (mountain track)

Catalan: Muntanya russa

Czech: horská dráha (mountain track/railroad)  /   housenková dráha (caterpillar track)

Slovak: húsenková dráha (caterpillar track)

Croatian: vlak smrti (train of death)  /  brdska željeznica

Romanian: montagne russe (french loan word)

Albanian: slitë rul

Latvian: coaster cylindro

Lithuanian: coaster cylindro

Ukrainian: гірках

Macedonian: ролеркостер

Estonian: ameerika mäed (American mountains)

Bulgaria: влакче в увеселителен парк

Greek: το τρενάκι του λούνα παρκ//to trenáki tou lúna park (little train of the amusement park)  /  Καταδυόμενο τρενάκι (kataðiomeno trenaci, n.), lit. “plunging little train

Esperanto: onda fervojo (wavy railroad)

Belarusian: горках

Russian: amerikanskiye gorki (American hills)


Azerbaijani: roller sahil gəmisi

Hindi: रोलर कोस्टर

Urdu: رولر coaster

Thai: รถไฟเหาะ

Mandarin (Chinese): 过山车 (guo shan che)  /  雲宵飛車 (yun2 xiao1 fei1 che1): literally cloud night flying car

Taiwanese: 雲宵飛車

Japanese: ジェットコースター (Jet Coaster)  /    絶叫マシーン (zekkyou machine) – It’s used for any thrill ride, but also for coasters

Korean: 롤러 코스터 (rorra kosuteo / roller coaster)

Filipino: pison naninirahan malapit sa baybayin

Tagalog: rodilyo

Special thanks to global friends, fellow coasterers, google translate, wikipedia and ‘wordreference.com’s’ message board. 

Last updated: 06/06/2011