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Wild West Mine Train (Ocean Park)

3 Jun

Mine-train themed coasters soar through the forest or dive in and out of a rocky tapestry. Hong Kong’s Ocean Park’s incarnation may be themed to the ‘Wild West,’ and while it’s certainly not tame, it has little do with cowboys. The Wild West Mine Train/越礦飛車 is perched atop a cliff providing one of the best views of any ride in the world. Your eyes are so busy snapping up intricate details of the gorgeous Aberdeen Harbor that each dip and curve catches you by surprise.

I disagree with the theming, and any reputable designer would have tried to exploit the cliff for maximum drops, though overall the Wild West Mine Train earns its sheriff’s badge. Ride it high urban cowboys!

Please Note: During our visit on Monday, September 20th, 2010, the Wild West Mine Train did not open until an hour after the park had opened. I’m not sure if this is a routine procedure, but plan accordingly. The wait time should have been under 4 minutes, though due to the slowness of the ride staff, and the unruly behavior of guests it averaged 15 minutes.


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The Dragon (Ocean Park)

3 Jun

For me, Ocean Park’s The Dragon is a double-edged sword. First of all, I’m getting too old for Arrow Dynamics designed loopers, and as they get older the worse the head banging. No one said earning coaster credits was easy. In the Dragon’s defense, its structure is so colorful, I wouldn’t surprised to find a Leprechaun’s pot of gold at the end of the track.

There’s nothing special about the elements of this coaster, though its  hilly location provides for an unusual layout, namely a lift hill at the end of the ride to get the train back to the station.

Synopsis: A beautiful beast, an outdated and consequently bumpy ride that does try hard to stay above the curve.


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