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First Ride: Leviathan Unleashes Its Fury

29 Apr

Teal steel dominates the park's entrance.

Vaughan, Ontario – Canada’s Wonderland opens to the public on Sunday, May 7th with a trump card up its sleeve… Leviathan: a massive sea-themed monster. The roller coaster was the first from Swiss design firm Bolliger & Mabbilard to rise above 300 feet and cost an estimated $28 million (USD). When first announced, coaster enthusiasts questioned Wonderland’s decision to add a coaster which by design draws parallels to the park’s Behemoth built in 2008 also by Bolliger & Mabillard. Both use towering lifts to create speed with neither sending riders upside down. Though these same enthusiasts couldn’t wait to dig their claws into Leviathan.  Continue reading


AirTime – Credit Coaster

7 Apr

I enjoy a juicy jingle and a jubilant romp on a coaster, but together? Well that’s 32 seconds of glory. Say hello to FreeCreditReport.com’s snazzy commercial shot on Goliath at La Ronde, a Six Flags park in Montreal, Canada.