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Take a Peek at Beny-Land

12 Jan

For most of us, the closest we get to amusement parks outside of our countries are the pictures and trip reports of fellow coasterers. While Theme Park Review produces professional quality videos, most of what we see is at the amateur level. Luckily Beny-Land, Sendai’s local family owned and operated amusement has posted a commercial nearly a minute and a half long showcasing the park’s attractions. As a bonus your ears will be treated to the park’s timeless jingle. Visit the Beny-Land website to view the video or click here.


Ride It! – Benyland’s Hagiyama Cyclone

18 Aug

Ride It! – Benyland’s Jet Coaster

17 Aug


17 Aug

Special thanks to Benyland‘s President 八木充幸 for taking the time to sit down with CraveCoasters for an interview and for posting the visit on their official blog. Read the entry here and if you’re ever in the Tohoku region be sure to visit the park. Disclaimer: the blog is written in Japanese, but at least you can spy a picture of “Crave the Coasterer” in casual journalist mode.