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HH – Thriller House

31 Mar

Given Iwayama Park Land’s rinky-dink parking lot vibe, I wasn’t expecting much when entering “The World of Darkness Thriller House.”

Japan is known for horror, and their ‘ghost houses’ don’t disapoint. Fine examples include Tokyo Dome City and Fujikyu Highlands. Instead of randomly inserting an army of motion-detecting animatronic monsters, they invoke fear through an eerie mood of darkness. It’s the subtlety that leaves a stain in your drawers.

But apparently Iwayama Park Land didn’t get the memo. They went for the American approach, and boy did they get it right. Far from scary, and void of odd, this haunted house is just fun. The theming is random but each room and walkway is properly decorated. ‘Thriller House’ boasts a delightful cast of curious creatures that eagerly await your screams and camera flashes.

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