Gingerbread Coaster

4 Jan

A ginger presenting gingerbread houses.

While meandering the not-so-mean streets of downtown Pittsburgh, some friends were kind enough to take me to PPG (Pittsburgh Plate Glass) Place’s Gingerbread House Display. In it’s 9th year, this competition and display is held in the PPG Place Wintergarden in the exterior windows of Two PPG Place from November 18th through January 7th. The viewing is free to the public and all gingerbread houses may be purchased with the proceeds going towards Children’s Hospital Free Care Fund.

Edible Displays

Of course I’m hooked. This event somehow manages to combine free, creativity, and food; three of my favorite things. But what I didn’t know is that it also contained my most favorite thing in the world… ROLLER COASTERS!!!

Girl Scout Troop #50600 (who I affectionately know as #BestEver) over in Jefferson Hills / Baldwin (wherever the brake run that is) managed to piece together a gingerbread roller coaster. Talk about thinking outside the box, these merit badged preteens thought outside of the house. Their “Frightful Coaster” gets an A+ for creativity, but I’m sorry as this earns a healthy D for execution. Did any of these girls even attempt to scout a physics book. It doesn’t look like gravity and this coaster will get along. If you look closely, it appears as they attempted to re-create a Vekoma suspended-looping coaster. Nonetheless, I’m thrilled. Too bad they weren’t there trying to sell my cookies, I would definitely bought some boxes.

Though this wasn’t the only coaster related gingerbread house, as Girl Scout Troop #50607 out of Bridgeville pieced together a pathetic but “thanks for the thought” Kennywood tribute. You’ve got to give it up to those girl scouts. They may know cookies, but there’s another C in their working vocabulary. Honestly though, I’m disappointed in the boy scouts. None of them better try coming around to sell me candy bars, pop corn, or Groundhog Day wrapping paper.

Localized Amusement Park Homage

PS: This post carried a stellar dose of humor. I’m funny.


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