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Directions: Iwayama Park Land

10 Apr

Morioka is not an urban metropolis, therefore there isn’t a train servicing Iwayama Park Land. Luckily, the park’s website has details on buses running to the park (though they appear to only run on weekends and holidays). Unfortunately, the website is only in Japanese. Please use the pathetic translations below to help guide you there!

Please note, if you can find your way to the zoo (doubutsuen) you’re within walking distance.

Happy traveling coasterers!

"It's all in Japanese!"

Loose Translation:

* Please keep in mind that this translation is not 100% accurate. It was created using my own Japanese language skills and electronic translation devices. If you plan to travel to Iwayama Park Land, I suggest you print out both the original Japanese directions at the official website to show locals, and this English translation for your own sanity.

Using the bus
Bus from JR Morioka Station (Line Shinjo cemetery park or zoo) is out. Parkland andthe rocks off in front right in front of the Parkland!

The bus schedule has been as follows.

Bus fare (in front of Morioka Station ⇔ Parkland): Adults 360 yen Children 180yen (as of April 1st, 2010)

From Morioka Train Station to Iwayama Park Land

Time Travel Weekends and Holidays
Destination Iwayama Park Land
Morioka Station Bus Stop ⑧ 9:20 11:30 14:00
Maekawa Isao garden 9:24 11:34 14:04
Morioka Bus Center 9:31 11:41 14:11
in front of Junior High School 9:36 11:46 14:16
in front of Parkland 9:50 11:50 14:30

From Iwayama Park Land to Morioka Station

Time Travel Weekends and Holidays
Destination Morioka Station
in front of Parkland 10:56 13:21 15:31
in front of Junior High School 11:10 13:35 15:45
Morioka Bus Center 11:15 13:40 15:50
Maekawa Isao garden 11:22 13:47 15:57
Morioka Station Bus Stop ⑧ 11:26 13:51 16:01


※ Note

– mid-March to late season runs and 11

– March 18 – 24, August 13 – 16, September 18 – 26 days, we will travel in time, regardless of the day

2. Vehicle (car) to go
Lane going uphill running line of Route 4 Bypass. Stone shop and go left past theintersection there is little sign of Iwate University Junior High School (Stone IndustryYoshi Akira) can see, there are rocky entrance. Steadily climbing the mountain fromthere, see Kitara rocky Parkland Ferris wheel is just around the corner! Because therocky Parkland 止Mareru 400 cars and free parking, vehicle (car) is safe in the gardencome!

Access Map to Iwayama Park Land (red dot on the right)



HH – Thriller House

31 Mar

Given Iwayama Park Land’s rinky-dink parking lot vibe, I wasn’t expecting much when entering “The World of Darkness Thriller House.”

Japan is known for horror, and their ‘ghost houses’ don’t disapoint. Fine examples include Tokyo Dome City and Fujikyu Highlands. Instead of randomly inserting an army of motion-detecting animatronic monsters, they invoke fear through an eerie mood of darkness. It’s the subtlety that leaves a stain in your drawers.

But apparently Iwayama Park Land didn’t get the memo. They went for the American approach, and boy did they get it right. Far from scary, and void of odd, this haunted house is just fun. The theming is random but each room and walkway is properly decorated. ‘Thriller House’ boasts a delightful cast of curious creatures that eagerly await your screams and camera flashes.

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Denied: Rainbow Spin Coaster

30 Mar

岩山パークーランド/Iwayama Park Land is the home of the Pop Spin Coaster, a Japanese built steel spinning-car out and back coaster. After gawking at caged beasts at neighboring Morioka Zoo in May of 2010, I jetted over to obtain a credit only to be…DENIED! The レインボースピンコースター/Rainbow Spin Coaster was undergoing it’s not-so-magical transformation into the ポップスピンコースター/Pop Spin Coaster and was thus closed. But that didn’t stop me from climbing over fences and sneaking into the station.

For statistical information check out the Pop Spin Coaster – RCDB Profile.

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