Crave’s Track Record

5 Aug

“It’s not always fun” (Space2000 @ Gyeongju World, Korea)

Please Note: This list is in no particular order and is subject to change due to disagreements over what classifies as a coaster. Check back as this list will be periodically updated. 

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Total: 601 coasters (as of 2019/06/23)

  1. Batman: The Ride, Six Flags Over Georgia
  2. Georgia Scorcher, Six Flags Over Georgia
  3. Ninja, Six Flags Over Georgia
  4. Big Thunder Mountain, Tokyo Disneyland
  5. The Dragon, Ocean Park
  6. Wild West Mine Train, Ocean Park
  7. Fujiyama, Fujikyu-Highland
  8. Tower Of Terror, Dreamworld
  9. G5, Janfusun Fancyworld
  10. White Canyon, Yomiuri Land
  11. Spin Mouse, Fujikyu-Highland
  12. Thomas the Tank Engine, Fujikyu-Highland
  13. Bandit, Yomiuri Land
  14. Birdmen, Fujikyu-Highland
  15. Crazy Flying Coaster, Janfusun Fancyworld

    Mayan Adventure @ Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village

  16. Hanging Coaster, Dream World
  17. Space Mountain, Dream World
  18. Tento, Tobu Zoo
  19. Regina, Tobu Zoo
  20. Dragon, Yomiuri Land
  21. Standing & Loop Coaster, Yomiuri Land
  22. Zola 7, Fujikyu-Highland
  23. French Revolution, Lotte World
  24. SL Coaster, Yomiuri Land
  25. Gadget’s Go Coaster, Tokyo Disneyland
  26. Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster, Warner Bros. Movie World Australia
  27. Road Runner Rollercoaster, Warner Bros. Movie World Australia
  28. Runaway Reptar Roller Coaster, Dreamworld
  29. Western Crazy Express, Leofoo Village
  30. Screaming Condor, Leofoo Village
  31. Z-Force (defunct), Six Flags Over Georgia
  32. Wile E. Coyote Canyon Blaster, Six Flags Over Georgia
  33. Space Mountain, Hong Kong Disneyland
  34. Superman Escape, Warner Bros. Movie World Australia
  35. Goliath, Six Flags Over Georgia
  36. Eejanaika, Fujikyu-Highland
  37. Mick Doohan Motocoaster, Dreamworld
  38. Lost City of Gold, Sunway Lagoon
  39. Buffalo Bill Coaster, Sunway Lagoon
  40. Supersonic Odyssey, Cosmo’s World
  41. Raging Spirits, Tokyo DisneySea
  42. Flounder’s Flying Fish Coaster, Tokyo DisneySea
  43. Roller Coaster, Hanayashiki Amusement Park
  44. Vortex, Siam Park City
  45. Boomerang, Siam Park City
  46. Spinning Coaster, Me World
  47. Diving Coaster, Me World
  48. Atlantis Adventure, Lotte World
  49. Comet Express, Lotte World
  50. Herky & Timmy’s Racing Coaster, Everland
  51. T Express, Everland
  52. Wild Mouse, Luna Park
  53. Sea Viper, Seaworld Australia
  54. Jet Rescue, Seaworld Australia
  55. Scenic Railway, Luna Park
  56. Metropolis, Luna Park
  57. Sahara Twist, Leofoo Village
  58. Gravity Max, Discovery World
  59. Mine Express, Discovery World
  60. Caribbean Splash, Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village
  61. Space Mountain, Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village
  62. Mayan Adventure, Formosan Aboriginal Cultural Village
  63. Kawasemi, Tobu Zoo
  64. Corkscrew, Rusutsu Resort
  65. Go Go Sneaker, Rusutsu Resort
  66. Hurricane, Rusutsu Resort
  67. Loop the Loop, Rusutsu Resort
  68. Mad Mouse, Rusutsu Resort
  69. Mountain Coaster, Rusutsu Resort
  70. Standing Coaster, Rusutsu Resort
  71. Ultra Twister, Rusutsu Resort
  72. Woodstock’s Express, Dorney Park
  73. Woodstock Express, Cedar Point
  74. Wilde Maus, Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  75. Wilde Beast, Canada’s Wonderland
  76. Wildcat, Cedar Point
  77. Wildcat, Hersheypark
  78. Wildcat, Martin’s Fantasy Island
  79. Wild One, Six Flags America
  80. Wild Mouse, Hersheypark
  81. Wild Mouse, Dorney Park
  82. Wicked Twister, Cedar Point
  83. Whizzer, Six Flags Great America
  84. Whirlwind, Seabreeze
  85. Voyage, The, Holiday World
  86. Vortex, Canada’s Wonderland
  87. Vortex, Kings Island
  88. Volcano: The Blast Coaster, Kings Dominion
  89. Viper, Darien Lake
  90. Viper, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  91. Viper, Six Flags Great Adventure
  92. Villain, The, Geauga Lake
  93. Two Face: The Flipside, Six Flags America
  94. Twister, Knoebels
  95. Trailblazer, Hersheypark
  96. Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point
  97. Top Gun, Canada’s Wonderland
  98. Top Gun, Kings Island
  99. Thunderhawk, Geauga Lake
  100. Thunderhawk, Dorney Park
  101. Thunderbolt, Kennywood
  102. Thunderbolt, Six Flags New England
  103. Thunder Run, Canada’s Wonderland
  104. Top Cat’s Taxi Jam, Kings Island
  105. Talon, Dorney Park
  106. Superman: Ride of Steel, Six Flags America
  107. Ride of Steel, Darien Lake
  108. Bizarro, Six Flags New England
  109. Superman Ultimate Flight, Six Flags Great Adventure
  110. Superman Ultimate Flight, Six Flags Over Georgia
  111. Storm Runner, Hersheypark
  112. Steel Phantom, Kennywood
  113. Steel Force, Dorney Park
  114. Steamin’ Demon, Great Escape, The
  115. Space Mountain, Magic Kingdom
  116. sooperdooperlooper, Hersheypark
  117. Son of Beast, Kings Island
  118. Skyrider, Canada’s Wonderland
  119. Skull Mountain, Six Flags Great Adventure
  120. Silver Comet, Martin’s Fantasy Island
  121. Sidewinder, Hersheypark
  122. Shockwave, Six Flags Great America
  123. Shockwave, Kings Dominion
  124. Scorpion, Busch Gardens Tampa
  125. Runaway Train, Six Flags Great Adventure
  126. Rugrats Runaway Reptar, Kings Island
  127. Rolling Thunder, Six Flags Great Adventure
  128. Rock-n-Roller Coaster, Disney Hollywood Studios
  129. Roar, Six Flags America
  130. Riverside Cyclone, Six Flags New England
  131. Ricochet, Kings Dominion
  132. Revolution, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  133. Revenge of the Mummy, Universal Studios Florida
  134. Rebel Yell, Kings Dominion
  135. Raven, Holiday World
  136. Raptor, Cedar Point
  137. Raging Wolf Bobs, Geauga Lake
  138. Racer, The, Kings Island
  139. Racer, The, Kennywood
  140. Python, Busch Gardens Tampa
  141. Psyclone, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  142. Primeval Whirl, Disney’s Animal Kingdom
  143. Predator, Darien Lake
  144. Poison Ivy’s Tangled Train, Six Flags New England
  145. Phoenix, Knoebels
  146. Phantom’s Revenge, Kennywood
  147. Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure
  148. Ninja, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  149. Nightmare at Crackaxle Canyon, Great Escape, The
  150. Montu, Busch Gardens Tampa
  151. Mini-Mine Train (defunct), Six Flags Over Georgia
  152. Mindbender, Six Flags Over Georgia
  153. Mind Eraser, Darien Lake
  154. Millennium Force, Cedar Point
  155. Mighty Canadian Minebuster, The, Canada’s Wonderland
  156. Medusa, Six Flags Great Adventure
  157. Mean Streak, Cedar Point
  158. Mantis, Cedar Point
  159. Magnum XL-200, Cedar Point
  160. Loch Ness Monster, The, Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  161. Little Laser, Dorney Park
  162. Lightning Racer, Hersheypark
  163. Lightning Bolt, MGM Grand Adventures
  164. Legend, The, Holiday World
  165. Laser, Dorney Park
  166. Kumba, Busch Gardens Tampa
  167. Kraken, SeaWorld Orlando
  168. Jr. Gemini, Cedar Point
  169. Journey to Atlantis, SeaWorld Orlando
  170. Joker’s Jinx, Six Flags America
  171. Jackrabbit, Seabreeze
  172. Jack Rabbit, Kennywood
  173. Backlot Stunt Coaster, Kings Island
  174. Iron Wolf, Six Flags Great America
  175. Iron Dragon, Cedar Point
  176. Incredible Hulk, Islands of Adventure
  177. HyperSonic XLC, Kings Dominion
  178. Hurler, The, Kings Dominion
  179. Howler, The, Holiday World
  180. High Speed Thrill Coaster, Knoebels
  181. Hercules, Dorney Park
  182. Gwazi (Lion), Busch Gardens Tampa
  183. Grizzly, The, Kings Dominion
  184. Great Bear, Hersheypark
  185. Great American Scream Machine, Six Flags Great Adventure
  186. Great American Scream Machine, Six Flags Over Georgia
  187. Ghoster Coaster, Kings Dominion
  188. Ghoster Coaster, Canada’s Wonderland
  189. Georgia Cyclone, Six Flags Over Georgia
  190. Gemini, Cedar Point
  191. Flight of the Hippogriff, Islands of Adventure
  192. Flight of Fear, Kings Dominion
  193. Flight of Fear, Kings Island
  194. Flashback, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  195. King Cobra, Kings Island
  196. Woodstock Express, Kings Island
  197. Dragon Challenge (Hungarian Horntail), Islands of Adventure
  198. Dragon Challenge (Chinese Fireball), Islands of Adventure
  199. Dragon Fyre, Canada’s Wonderland
  200. Dragon Coaster, Dorney Park
  201. Drachen Fire, Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  202. Double Loop, Geauga Lake
  203. Dominator, Geauga Lake
  204. Disaster Transport, Cedar Point
  205. Desperado, Buffalo Bill’s
  206. Demon, Six Flags Great America
  207. Dania Beach Hurricane, Grand Prix Race-O-Rama
  208. Dahlonega Mine Train, Six Flags Over Georgia
  209. Cyclone, Astroland
  210. Corkscrew, Cedar Point
  211. Comet, The, Great Escape, The
  212. Comet, Hersheypark
  213. Colossus, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  214. Cedar Creek Mine Ride, Cedar Point
  215. Canyon Blaster, Adventuredome, The
  216. Canyon Blaster, Great Escape, The
  217. Boomerang, Great Escape, The
  218. Boomerang, Darien Lake
  219. Bobsled, Seabreeze
  220. Blue Streak, Cedar Point
  221. Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure Train, Six Flags Great Adventure
  222. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Magic Kingdom
  223. Big Dipper, Geauga Lake
  224. Big Bad Wolf, The, Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  225. Beaver Land Mine Ride, Geauga Lake
  226. Beast, The, Kings Island
  227. Batman: The Ride, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  228. Batman: The Ride, Six Flags Great America
  229. Batman and Robin: The Chiller (Robin), Six Flags Great Adventure
  230. Bat, The, Canada’s Wonderland
  231. Avalanche, Kings Dominion
  232. Anaconda, Kings Dominion
  233. American Eagle, Six Flags Great America
  234. Alpengeist, Busch Gardens Williamsburg
  235. Adventure Express, Kings Island
  236. Moto Coaster, Jin Jiang Action Park
  237. Roller Coaster, Jin Jiang Action Park
  238. Karst Cave Coaster, Jin Jiang Action Park
  239. Spinning Coaster, Jin Jiang Action Park
  240. Mine Train Coaster, Happy Valley Shanghai
  241. Le-Le’s Chariot, Happy Valley Shanghai
  242. Fireball, Happy Valley Shanghai
  243. Diving Coaster, Happy Valley Shanghai
  244. Mega-Lite, Happy Valley Shanghai
  245. Crystal Wing, Happy Valley Beijing
  246. Golden Wings in Snowfield, Happy Valley Beijing
  247. Harvest Time, Happy Valley Beijing
  248. Jungle Racing, Happy Valley Beijing
  249. Atomic Coaster, Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park
  250. Crazy Mouse, Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park
  251. Feng Shen, Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park
  252. Jurassic Adventure, Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park
  253. Mine Coaster, Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park
  254. Shenzhou Coaster, Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park
  255. Space Trip, Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park
  256. Spinning Batman, Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park
  257. Worm Coaster, Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park
  258. Space Mountain, Tokyo Disneyland
  259. Dodonpa / ドドンパ, Fujikyu Highland
  260. Takabisha / 高飛車, Fujikyu Highland
  261. Galaxy Express 999, Shinagawa Aquarium
  262. Spin Bullet, Tokyo Joypolis
  263. Super Coaster / スーパーコースター, Lina World
  264. Hello Kitty Angel Coaster / エンジェルコースター, Lina World [Powered]
  265. Jet Coaster Discovery / ジェットコースターデイスカバリー, Lina World
  266. Jet Coaster / ジェトコースター, Beny Land
  267. Wagiyama Cyclone / ハ木山サイクロン, Beny Land
  268. Corkscrew / コークスクリュー, Beny Land
  269. Mad Mouse / マッドマウス, Sendai Highland
  270. Hurricane Coaster / ハリケーンコースター, Sendai Highland
  271. Dragon Coaster / ドラゴンコースター, Nasu Highland [Powered]
  272. F2 / エフツー, Nasu Highland
  273. Camel Coaster / キャメルコースター, Nasu Highland
  274. Thunder Coaster / サンダーコースター, Nasu Highland
  275. Big Boom / ビッグバーンコースター, Nasu Highland
  276. Spin Turn Coaster / スピンターンコースター, Nasu Highland
  277. Shinpi / シンピ, Nasu Highland [Powered]
  278. Panic Drive / パニックドライブ, Nasu Highland
  279. Cyclone / サイクロン, Toshimaen
  280. Corkscrew / コークスクリュー,  Toshimaen
  281. Mini Cyclone / ミニサイクロン, Toshimaen
  282. Jet Coaster, Higashiyama Zoo
  283. Bear Coaster, , Higashiyama Zoo [Powered]
  284. Stellar Coaster, Lagunasia
  285. Aqua Wind, Lagunasia
  286. Pirates Blast, Lagunasia
  287. Children Coaster, Nagashima Spa Land [Powered]
  288. Ultra Twister, Nagashima Spa Land
  289. Corkscrew,  Nagashima Spa Land
  290. Shuttle Loop, Nagashima Spa Land
  291. Looping Star, Nagashima Spa Land
  292. Wild Mouse (Right), Nagashima Spa Land
  293. White Cyclone, Nagashima Spa Land
  294. Steel Dragon 2000, Nagashima Spa Land
  295. Wild Mouse (Left) , Nagashima Spa Land
  296. Mini Coaster, Hamanako Pal Pal
  297. Mega Coaster, Hamanako Pal Pal
  298. Jungle Mouse, Hamanako Pal Pal
  299. Highway Coaster, Japan Monkey Park
  300. Monkey Coaser, Japan Monkey Park [Powered]
  301. Go! Go! Banana Coaster, Japan Monkey Park
  302. Elf, Hirakata Park
  303. Red Falcon, Hirakata Park
  304. Peekaboo Town, Hirakata Park
  305. Crazy Mouse, Hirakata Park
  306. Rowdy, Hirakata Park
  307. Jet Coaster, Himeji Central Park
  308. Imorinth, Himeji Central Park
  309. Hurricane, Himeji Central Park
  310. Diavlo, Himeji Central Park
  311. Labyrinth, Himeji Central Park
  312. Gran Montserrat, Parque Espana
  313. Pyrenees, Parque Espana
  314. Bullfight Roller Coaster Matador, Parque Espana
  315. Hollywood Dream Coaster, Universal Studios Japan
  316. Space Fantasy, Universal Studios Japan
  317. Snoopy’s Great Race, Universal Studios Japan
  318. Titan V, Space World
  319. Zaturn, Space World
  320. Black Hole Scramble, Space World
  321. Venus GP, Space World
  322. Boogie-Woogie Space Coaster, Space World
  323. Clipper, Space World
  324. Ladybird, Mitsui Greenland
  325. Grampus Jet, Mitsui Greenland
  326. Milky Way, Mitsui Greenland
  327. Sphinx, Mitsui Greenland
  328. Spin Mouse, Mitsui Greenland
  329. Black Hole Coaster, Mitsui Greenland
  330. Megaton, Mitsui Greenland
  331. Nio, Mitsui Greenland
  332. Gao Coaster, Mitsui Greenland
  333. Vivace, New Reoma World
  334. Kids Coaster, New Reoma World
  335. Spaceship 2056, New Reoma World
  336. Standing CoasterWashuzan Highland
  337. Rhythmic Coaster, Harmonyland
  338. Hello Kitty Angel Coaster, , Harmonyland
  339. Gold Rush, Kijima Kogen
  340. Roller Skater, Kijima Kogen
  341. Dragon, Kijima Kogen
  342. Super LS Coaster, Kijima Kogen
  343. Jupiter, Kijima Kogen
  344. Rolling X-Train, Everland
  345. Behemoth, Canada’s Wonderland
  346. Back Lot Stunt Coaster, Canada’s Wonderland
  347. Time Warp, Canada’s Wonderland
  348. Leviathan, Canada’s Wonderland
  349. The Fly, Canada’s Wonderland
  350. Silver Streak, Canada’s Wonderland
  351. Taxi Jam, Canada’s Wonderland
  352. Dare Devil Dive, Six Flags Over Georgia
  353. Dragon Mountain, Marineland (Canada)
  354. Ravine Flyer II, Waldameer
  355. Ravine Flyer 3, Waldameer
  356. Steel Dragon, Waldameer
  357. Nessie the Dreamy Dragon, Darien Lake
  358. Nightmare at Phantom Cave, Darien Lake
  359. Ladybug Coaster, Marineland (Canada)
  360. Laser Blaster, Window on China Theme Park
  361. Mini Mine Train, Window on China Theme Park
  362. Flume Ride, E-DA World
  363. Big Air, E-DA World
  364. Dark Ride, E-DA World
  365. Roof Junior Coaster, E-DA World
  366. The Roller Coaster, NY, NY Casino & Resort
  367. Max’s Doggie Dog Coaster, Martin’s Fantasy Island
  368. Crazy Mouse, Martin’s Fantasy Island
  369. Moto Coaster, Darien Lake
  370. Gatekeeper, Cedar Point
  371. Maverick, Cedar Point
  372. Matterhorn, Disneyland
  373. Gadget’s Go Coaster, Disneyland
  374. California Screamin’, Disney’s California Adventure
  375. Goofy’s Sky School, Disney’s California Adventure
  376. Space Mountain, Disneyland
  377. Ghostrider, Knott’s Berry Farm
  378. Sierra Sidewinder, Knott’s Berry Farm
  379. Silver Bullet, Knott’s Berry Farm
  380. Montezooma’s Revenge, Knott’s Berry Farm
  381. Jaguar!, Knott’s Berry Farm
  382. Boomerang, Knott’s Berry Farm
  383. Coast Rider, Knott’s Berry Farm
  384. Pony Express, Knott’s Berry Farm
  385. Santa Monica West Coater, Pacific Park
  386. Full Throttle, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  387. Canyon Blaster, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  388. Road Runner Express, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  389. Goliath, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  390. Scream!, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  391. Riddler’s Revenge, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  392. Green Lantern: First Flight, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  393. Gold Rusher, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  394. Superman: Escape from Krypton, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  395. Tatsu, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  396. X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  397. El Loco, Adventure Dome
  398. Revenge of the Mummy, Universal Studios Singapore
  399. Enchanted Airways, Universal Studios Singapore
  400. Canopy Flyer, Universal Studios Singapore
  401. Padrinos Voladores, Parque de Atracciones de Madrid
  402. TNT Tren de la Mina, Parque de Atracciones de Madrid
  403. Vagones Loco, Parque de Atracciones de Madrid
  404. Vertigo, Parque de Atracciones de Madrid
  405. Abismo, Parque de Atracciones de Madrid
  406. Tarantula, Parque de Atracciones de Madrid
  407. Stunt Fall, Parque Warner
  408. Superman: La Atraccion de Acero, Parque Warner
  409. Batman: La Fuga, Parque Warner
  410. Coaster Express, Parque Warner
  411. Tom & Jerry, Parque Warner
  412. Correcaminos Bip Bip, Parque Warner
  413. Furious Baco, Port Aventura
  414. Shambhala, Port Aventura
  415. Dragon Khan, Port Aventura
  416. El Diablo – Tren de la Mina, Port Aventura
  417. Stampida, Port Aventura
  418. Tomahawk, Port Aventura
  419. Tami-Tami, Port Aventura
  420. Expedition Everest, Animal Kingdom
  421. Sheikra, Busch Gardens Tampa
  422. Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster, Walt Disney Studios Park
  423. RC Racer, Walt Disney Studios Park
  424. Indiana Jones et le Temple du Peril, Disneyland Paris
  425. Space Mountain Mission 2, Disneyland Paris
  426. Big Thunder Mountain, Disneyland Paris
  427. Crush’s Coaster, Walt Disney Studios Park
  428. Interstellar Magic Speed, Taipei Children’s Amusement Park
  429. Surf Coaster Leviathan, Hakkejima Sea Paradise
  430. Wonder Mountain’s Guardian, Canada’s Wonderland [07/04/2015]
  431. Boomerang, La Ronde [07/10/2015]
  432. Super Manege, La Ronde [07/10/2015]
  433. Monstre, La Ronde [07/10/2015]
  434. Goliath, La Ronde [07/10/2015]
  435. Dragon, La Ronde [07/10/2015]
  436. Ednor, La Ronde [07/10/2015]
  437. Marche Du Mille-Pattes , La Ronde [07/10/2015]
  438. Vampire, La Ronde [07/10/2015]
  439. Cobra, La Ronde [07/10/2015]
  440. Mad Mouse, Michigan’s Adventure [07/14/2015]
  441. Shivering Timbers, Michigan’s Adventure [07/14/2015]
  442. Wolverine Wildcat, Michigan’s Adventure [07/14/2015]
  443. Corkscrew, Michigan’s Adventure [07/14/2015]
  444. Zach’s Zoomer, Michigan’s Adventure [07/14/2015]
  445. Big Dipper, Michigan’s Adventure [07/14/2015]
  446. Thunderhawk, Michigan’s Adventure [07/14/2015]
  447. Dark Knight, Six Flags Great America [07/15/2015]
  448. Goliath, Six Flags Great America [07/15/2015]
  449. Raging Bull, Six Flags Great America [07/15/2015]
  450. X-Flight, Six Flags Great America [07/15/2015]
  451. Viper, Six Flags Great America [07/15/2015]
  452. Spacely’s Sprocket Rockets, Six Flags Great America [07/15/2015]
  453. Little Dipper, Six Flags Great America [07/15/2015]
  454. Zeus, Mt. Olympus [07/16/2015]
  455. Hades 360, Mt. Olympus [07/16/2015]
  456. Cyclops, Mt. Olympus [07/16/2015]
  457. Pegasus, Mt. Olympus [07/16/2015]
  458. Avalanche, Timber Falls Adventure Park [07/16/2015]
  459. Back at the Barnyard Hayride, Nickelodeon Universe [07/17/2015]
  460. Pepsi Orange Streak, Nickelodeon Universe [07/17/2015]
  461. SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge, Nickelodeon Universe [07/17/2015]
  462. Avatar Airbender, Nickelodeon Universe [07/17/2015]
  463. Fairly Odd Coaster, Nickelodeon Universe [07/17/2015]
  464. Steel Venom, Valleyfair [07/17/2015]
  465. High Roller, Valleyfair [07/17/2015]
  466. Wild Thing, Valleyfair [07/17/2015]
  467. Mad Mouse, Valleyfair [07/17/2015]
  468. Renegade, Valleyfair [07/17/2015]
  469. Excalibur, Valleyfair [07/17/2015]
  470. Cosmic Coaster, Valleyfair [07/17/2015]
  471. Corkscrew, Valleyfair [07/17/2015]
  472. Tornado, Adventureland [07/19/2015]
  473. Dragon, Adventureland [07/19/2015]
  474. Outlaw, Adventureland [07/19/2015]
  475. Underground, Adventureland [07/19/2015]
  476. Rougarou, Cedar Point [07/20/2015]
  477. Xcelerator, Knott’s Berry Farm [08/03/2015]
  478. Apocalypse The Ride, Six Flags Magic Mountain [08/04/2015]
  479. Speedy Gonzalez Hot Rod Racers, Six Flags Magic Mountain [08/04/2015]
  480. Twisted Colossus, Six Flags Magic Mountain [08/04/2015]
  481. Sky Rocket, Kennywood [08/10/2015]
  482. Exterminator, Kennywood [08/10/2015]
  483. Lil’ Phantom, Kennywood [08/10/2015]
  484. Untamed, Canobie Lake Park [08/16/2015]
  485. Yankee Cannonball, Canobie Lake Park [08/16/2015]
  486. Canobie Corkscrew, Canobie Lake Park [08/16/2015]
  487. Dragon, Canobie Lake Park [08/16/2015]
  488. Wooden Warrior, Quassy Amusement Park [08/17/2015]
  489. Little Dipper, Quassy Amusement Park [08/17/2015]
  490. Wildcat, Lake Compounce [08/17/2015]
  491. Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce [08/17/2015]
  492. Zoomerang, Lake Compounce [08/17/2015]
  493. The Great Chase, Six Flags New England [08/17/2015]
  494. Gotham City Gauntlet, Six Flags New England [08/17/2015]
  495. Wicked Cyclone, Six Flags New England [08/17/2015]
  496. Flying Dinosaur, Universal Studios Japan [06/02/2016]
  497. Flight of the Hippogriff, Universal Studios Japan [06/02/2016]
  498. Impulse, Knoebels Amusement Park [07/05/2016]
  499. Kozmo’s Kurves, Knoebels Amusement Park [07/05/2016]
  500. Flying Turns, Knoebels Amusement Park [07/05/2016]
  501. Black Diamond, Knoebels Amusement Park [07/05/2016]
  502. Joust, Dutch Wonderland [07/07/2016]
  503. Kingdom Coaster, Dutch Wonderland [07/07/2016]
  504. Skyrush, Hersheypark [07/07/2016]
  505. Cocoa Cruiser, Hersheypark [07/07/2016]
  506. Fahrenheit, Hersheypark [07/07/2016]
  507. Laff Trakk, Hersheypark [07/07/2016]
  508. Devil’s Den, Conneaut Lake Park [07/09/2016]
  509. Blue Streak, Conneaut Lake Park [07/09/2016]
  510. Acrobat, Nagashima Spa Land [11/26/2016]
  511. Peter Rabbit Coaster, Nagashima Spa Land [11/26/2016]
  512. Barnstormer, Magic Kingdom [01/02/2017]
  513. Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts, Universal Studios Florida [01/03/2017]
  514. Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster, Universal Studios Florida [01/03/2017]
  515. Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit, Universal Studios Florida [01/03/2017]
  516. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, Magic Kingdom [01/04/2017]
  517. Intimidator 305, Kings Dominion [07/05/2017]
  518. Backlot Stunt Coaster, Kings Dominion [07/05/2017]
  519. Dominator, Kings Dominion [07/05/2017]
  520. Joker, Six Flags Great Adventure [07/08/2017]
  521. El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure [07/08/2017]
  522. Kingda Ka, Six Flags Great Adventure [07/08/2017]
  523. Tibidabo Express, Tibidabo [07/22/2017]
  524. Montanya Rusa, Tibidabo [07/22/2017]
  525. Twister, Gröna Lund [07/29/2017]
  526. Jetline, Gröna Lund [07/29/2017]
  527. Vilda Musen, Gröna Lund [07/29/2017]
  528. Nyckelpigan, Gröna Lund [07/29/2017]
  529. Tuff-Tuff Tåget, Gröna Lund [07/29/2017]
  530. Kvasten, Gröna Lund [07/29/2017]
  531. Insane, Gröna Lund [07/29/2017]
  532. Tornado, Bakken [07/31/2017]
  533. Rutschebanen, Bakken [07/31/2017]
  534. Mine Train Ulven, Bakken [07/31/2017]
  535. Racing, Bakken [07/31/2017]
  536. Vilde Mus, Bakken [07/31/2017]
  537. Mariehonen, Bakken [07/31/2017]
  538. Rutschebanen, Tivoli Gardens [07/31/2017]
  539. Dæmonen, Tivoli Gardens [07/31/2017]
  540. Karavanen, Tivoli Gardens [07/31/2017]
  541. Odinexpressen, Tivoli Gardens [07/31/2017]
  542. Vogel Rok, Efteling [08/02/2017]
  543. Bob, Efteling [08/02/2017]
  544. Baron 1898, Efteling [08/02/2017]
  545. Joris en de Draak, Efteling [08/02/2017]
  546. Python, Efteling [08/02/2017]
  547. Vliegende Hollander, Efteling [08/02/2017]
  548. Puss in Boots’ ant Journey, Universal Studios Singapore [09/08/2017]
  549. Battlestar Gallatica: Cylon, Universal Studios Singapore [09/08/2017]
  550. Battlestar Gallatica: Human, Universal Studios Singapore [09/08/2017]
  551. Family Flyer, Playland Park [06/20/2018]
  552. Dragon Coaster, Playland Park [06/20/2018]
  553. Crazy Mouse, Playland Park [06/20/2018]
  554. Super Flight, Playland Park [06/20/2018]
  555. Tantrum, Darien Lake [06/21/2018]
  556. Python, Coney Island (Ohio) [07/04/2018]
  557. Teddy Bear, Stricker’s Grove [07/04/2018]
  558. Tornado, Stricker’s Grove [07/04/2018]
  559. Mystic Timbers, Kings Island [07/04/2018]
  560. Firehawk, Kings Island [07/04/2018]
  561. Invertigo, Kings Island [07/04/2018]
  562. Diamondback, Kings Island [07/04/2018]
  563. Lightning Run, Kentucky Kingdom [07/05/2018]
  564. Thunder Run, Kentucky Kingdom [07/05/2018]
  565. Roller Skater, Kentucky Kingdom [07/05/2018]
  566. Storm Chaser, Kentucky Kingdom [07/05/2018]
  567. T3, Kentucky Kingdom [07/05/2018]
  568. Thunderbird, Holiday World [07/05/2018]
  569. American Thunder, Six Flags St. Louis [07/06/2018]
  570. Pandemonium, Six Flags St. Louis [07/06/2018]
  571. The Boss, Six Flags St. Louis [07/06/2018]
  572. Mr. Freeze: The Reverse Blast, Six Flags St. Louis [07/06/2018]
  573. River King Mine Train, Six Flags St. Louis [07/06/2018]
  574. Boomerang, Six Flags St. Louis [07/06/2018]
  575. Screaming Eagle, Six Flags St. Louis [07/06/2018]
  576. The Ninja, Six Flags St. Louis [07/06/2018]
  577. Batman: The Ride, Six Flags St. Louis [07/06/2018]
  578. Kombo, Indianapolis Zoo [07/07/2018]
  579. Cornball Express, Indiana Beach [07/07/2018]
  580. Hoosier Hurricane, Indiana Beach [07/07/2018]
  581. Steel Hawg, Indiana Beach [07/07/2018]
  582. Dragon Wagon, Indiana Beach [07/07/2018]
  583. Tig’rr, Indiana Beach [07/07/2018]
  584. Lost Coaster of Superstition Mountain, Indiana Beach [07/07/2018]
  585. Valravn, Cedar Point [07/08/2018]
  586. Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point [07/08/2018]
  587. RC Racer, Hong Kong Disneyland [07/21/2018]
  588. Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars, Hong Kong Disneyland [07/21/2018]
  589. Spin Runway, Yomiuriland [10/12/2018]
  590. Panic Coaster Back Daaan!!, Tokyo Dome City [04/10/2019]
  591. Gekion Live Coaster, Tokyo Joypolis [04/12/2019]
  592. Volare, Wiener Prater [06/21/2019]
  593. Dizzy Mouse, Wiener Prater [06/21/2019]
  594. Der Zug Des Manitu, Wiener Prater [06/21/2019]
  595. Wilde Maus, Wiener Prater [06/21/2019]
  596. Maskerade, Wiener Prater [06/22/2019]
  597. Megablitz, Wiener Prater [06/22/2019]
  598. Testrecke, Wiener Prater [06/22/2019]
  599. Super 8er Bahn, Wiener Prater [06/22/2019]
  600. Insider, Wiener Prater [06/22/2019]
  601. Boomerang, Wiener Prater [06/23/2019]

Road to 500

17 Jun

As a child I knew from the moment I buckled into Darien Lake’s “Viper” that I was born to ride. I spent my childhood playing Disney’s Coaster DOS game, drawing over 300 coasters during recess, and leafing through issues of Inside Track magazine. Later in life the passion stuck as I worked the rides as an employee of Martin’s Fantasy Island, and Cedar Point in addition to diminishing my college GPA by staying up all night designing theme parks in Roller Coaster Tycoon. When I was younger I dreamt of the day I would ride my 100th roller coaster, and while I pictured myself traveling the world  to accomplish this feat, I never imagined it would come to this… my 500th coaster.

Welcome to “500 Rides of Summer.” I could have knocked off a few extra credits in Japan and Taiwan, but I was holding out for that special ride, one worthy of number 500. While America offered a plethora of options to choose from, ultimately I chose a park that exudes ‘Americana,’ and represents what an amusement park should be. Consequently, Knoebel’s, in Elysburg, Pennsylvania, with probably the best long-standing reputation of operating a family-friendly park with appropriate pricing and dedication towards renewing, rescuing, and restoring classic rides and attractions, will be the site for my 500th coaster.


In 2004, I was fortunate enough to visit Knoebel’s , so I scooped up coaster credits on the late “Whirlwind” and “High Speed Thrill Coaster,” in addition to the currently operating “Phoenix” and “Twister,” which leaves me with four possible credits at Knoebel’s.


Black Diamond: indoor wooden/steel Philadelphia Toboggan Coaster creation

We’ll start with “Black Diamond” for #498, as it’s a nostalgic ride and one rescued from Dinosaur Beach, a defunct boardwalk park in New Jersey.


Impulse: 2015 Zierer’s vertical lift looper

For #499, “Impulse” fits in well as it’s a cutting edge creation at the tip of innovation.


Flying Turns: a 2013 in-house built wooden bobsled

But for the epic #500, I could think of no better  choice(Dollywood’s “Lightning Rod” was a close second) than the one-of-a-kind wooden bobsled coaster “Flying Turns.” It’s also significant because it took years of planning, frustration, and investment to finally produce this ‘iconic whirlwind of fun,’ which I rather arrogantly (please excuse the pride) associate with reaching #500.


Kozmo’s Kurves: 2009 Miler family coaster

Then the new era begins as all life should with childhood innocence as I take a joyful romp on “Kozmo’s Kurves,” permitting the friendly staff allows this 6′ foot 1 dangly dude to ride.

Thank you to Knoebel’s for hosting my special moment, and I look forward sharing snapshots and perhaps video, if Mr. GoPro and I may ride together, of the #500 ride and our overall park visit.

For perspective’s sake, there are dozens of coasterers who have ridden far more than 500 coasters, and they too should be celebrated. My 500th ride is not meant to serve as a bragging right but rather a testament to the passion our coastering community has for seeking out the next best thrill. Every single new ride should be commemorated and celebrated. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get to #1,000, but I’m happy to know that I got here, and I’ll never stop riding! Special thanks to my beloved parents for always allowing me to hijack the family trip and steer us towards an amusement park, and to my soul-mate and wife Jaewon for traveling around the world and riding alongside me, and to all the fellow coasterers who I’ve met and renewed my vigor and passion for man-made slopes of fun!


Coastering in Hokkaido, Japan at Rusutsu Resort. #GoGoSneaker

What If? Hoverboard Stunt Show

2 Jan

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”
Leonardo da Vinci


We visit theme parks to get away from the humdrum of normality to escape (albeit queued up for hours) into an imaginative realm. Therefore, it’s imperative that the amusement park industry stay ahead on technology so that the experiences they offer surpass what’s available in our own backyards. Hopefully, theme park executives have witnessed the ingenuity of Canadian Michael Davis’s invention:

FakeHoverboard copy

an authentic, honest to gosh, real-life hoverboard.


It’s almost as if he’s the Green Goblin or an air warrior from the clouds descending to us heathens below on his personal helicopter. Now imagine this technology in play in a stunt show in, around, and above water. Need I say… GLORIOUS! Then once the audience has had their fill of awe, they can be wooed into a high-priced up-charge attraction (complete with “we dare you to sue us” liability forms) where park goers can live out their Back to the Future 2 dreams. Well done Mr. Davis. Now it’s up to you Disney and Universal. (I’m sorry Six Flags, but we don’t need you tinkering with your low budget theatrics.)


Sea Paradise’s Surf Coaster Leviathan

17 Feb

IMG_6434Crave and his lovely wife Jaewon “The Queen of Coasters” visited Sea Paradise oceanarium and amusement park in Yokohama, Japan on Monday, February 16th, 2015. Lucky for them, they were able to catch a chilly ride on Surf Coater Leviathan just before the sun set. Crave previously visited the park in the fall of 2009 but was unable to score a credit since the ride was closed due to a bullying wind.

Admission to Sea Paradise is free. You can pay 3000 yen for an all-day ride pass, or simply hand over 1000 yen per ride. If you fancy animals that primarily live in liquids, you can also get a pass that includes both the amusements and oceanarium. Given the time of day, and the fact that the Blue Fall, the park’s 100 meter tall Intamin drop ride, was closed we opted to pay per ride.

We’ll let the on-ride POV video and pictures below speak for themselves.

Happy riding coasterers!

Jaewon is excited for Sea Paradise!

Jaewon is excited for Sea Paradise!

Crave contemplates riding his 430th coaster.

Crave contemplates riding his 430th coaster.









Vending Machines = Cool Way to Pay

Vending Machines = Cool Way to Pay

Two Tickets to Paradise

Two Tickets to Paradise


The "Don't Die and/or Sue Us" Sign

The “Don’t Die and/or Sue Us” Sign

IMG_6506IMG_6513 IMG_6512 IMG_6511

IMG_6501 IMG_6500 IMG_6498

IMG_6496 IMG_6495


Mt. Fuji says goodnight. (Thank you Jaewon)

Mt. Fuji says goodnight. (Thank you Jaewon)

400th Coaster Conquered!

28 Jun

It is with pure adrenaline that I announce that I have ridden my 400th roller coaster!

This week, 24 amazing students and a trusted friend/colleague invaded Singapore for an international academic competition. Of course, we just had to make a stop at Universal Studios Singapore. And then it happened…

On Saturday, June 28th at approximately 12:30pm (I’m totally guessing here)… a childhood dream became reality. I rode my 400th roller coaster! The Canopy Flyer, maybe not a coasterer’s first pick for such an honor, but it felt right. The Jurassic Park theme softly surged through my soul, legs dangling, and in the distance a new ride/coaster was mysteriously under construction. Just when the tears rolled out, the ride was over and I faced with a new challenge… time for 401!

Thank you Singapore for providing my 399th (Mummy), 400th (Canopy Flyer), and 401st (Enchanted Airways) coasters!




Roof Junior Coaster (#366)

29 May

Roof Junior Coaster (#366)

Enjoying E-DA World with my students!

CraveCoasters 2012 Review

31 Dec

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 36,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 8 Film Festivals

Click here to see the complete report.

Rainbow Bandits: New Reoma World’s Hidden Gem

9 Dec

“We live in a rainbow of chaos.” – Paul Cezanne


Dolly Parton said “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”  Though if you happen to be at New Reoma World,  that’s not the case as the park’s “rainbow” themed dark ride provides shelter from natural water bombing. While Japan is a stomping ground for coasterers, few make the trek down to Shikoku island, where New Reoma World and its four roller coasters remain hidden deep into the countryside of Kagawa prefecture.

“Rainbow Bandits” was a surprisingly funtastic attraction. The ride system was Peter Pan’s Flight meets hot air balloons set amidst a cute and corny Teddy Ruxpin and Rainbow Brite-esque universe. Granted the animatronics aren’t as “animated” as those with Disney’s signature, but the duration of the ride is filled with colorful, imaginative, and humorous scenes.

It’s no Phantom Theatre (King’s Island), but Rainbow Bandits has earned a spot in my dark ride top ten.

Special thanks to DreamUSJ for posting the on-ride video.

Photos are copyright 2012 Crave Cravak. Please do not copy, publish, or distribute without permission from

360 Degree Ride

19 Jul

Lady Bug Tamer

For my three hundred sixtieth coaster I decided to pull a 360 degree turn. While I visited Marineland in Niagara Falls, Canada for the first time in late May, I purposefully skipped their kiddie coaster. It was symbolic to hold off until the 360th spot became available. If my parents had taken me as a child to Marineland, chances are the Lady Bug Coaster, then called the Tivoli Coaster, would have been my first coaster. I desired to take this special ride back to my childhood. How fitting to hop aboard the Lady Bug Coaster for the first time at #360. I guess you can say I’m a romantic rider.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


3 Jul


North Tonawanda’s Enchanting Carousel Kingdom

By Stephen Cravak

Nestled amongst tree-lined avenues of a Buffalo suburb, resides a  hidden gem. A testament to human passion and preservation stands a relic of America’s industrial past and its continued pursuit of amusement. When on Thompson Street in the heart of North Tonawanda, your eyes need to be peeled for a red brick complex  built in 1915. Inside its crimson walls organs serenade and horses run wild. You will enter not a re-creation, but a true representation of the past. Welcome to the Herschell Carrousel Factory Museum.

The museum has been treating visitors to a merry-go-round of insight into the area’s rich contributions to antique carousels and children’s ride production. The building served as the primary facility for the Allan Herschell Company.

Hop aboard living history!

According to Carousel historian and collector Charlotte Dinger, Allan Herschell was born in Scotland in 1851 later emigrating to Buffalo, New York. After seeing a carousel in New York City, he was determined to begin building steam-operated merry-go-rounds. His first company the Armitage Herschell Company was unable to survive two fires and economic downturn. Herschell’s passion for carousels led him to continue on by joining forces with his brother-in-law to form the Herschell-Spillman Company. It’s not surprising that it was a mere 2 years after Herschell’s retirement that he jumped back into the carousel business. Founding the Allan Herschell Company, the fourth carousel producer in North Tonawanda, Herschell competed against the Spillman Engineering Company, who conveniently removed his name.  Continue reading