Space Mountain (HK)

Space Mountain, the pinnacle of enclosed coasters, is a Disney landmark and the symbol of Tomorrowland. Coaster outsiders may assume that every Space Mountain (Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Paris, and Tokyo) are a carbon copy of each other, though differences exist. For instance, Disneyland Paris’s version features 3 upside inversions. While Hong Kong’s ‘Space Mountain’ is the newest on the block, its similar to both Disneyland’s re-built version and the one in Tokyo.

Luckily for us the wait time was under 5 minutes. Since it was Halloween, we coasted through ‘Ghost Galaxy,’ a special format featuring a different soundtrack and alien/ghoulish images.

Since 2005, Space Mountain has been the only coaster in the park, but that will change in 2012 when two new siblings arrive.

Synopsis: While the que is not as ‘magical’ as Disney should be, it’s certainly a strong highlight of this low-budget effort of a theme park.


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