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Rainbow Bandits: New Reoma World’s Hidden Gem

9 Dec

“We live in a rainbow of chaos.” – Paul Cezanne


Dolly Parton said “If you want the rainbow, you gotta put up with the rain.”  Though if you happen to be at New Reoma World,  that’s not the case as the park’s “rainbow” themed dark ride provides shelter from natural water bombing. While Japan is a stomping ground for coasterers, few make the trek down to Shikoku island, where New Reoma World and its four roller coasters remain hidden deep into the countryside of Kagawa prefecture.

“Rainbow Bandits” was a surprisingly funtastic attraction. The ride system was Peter Pan’s Flight meets hot air balloons set amidst a cute and corny Teddy Ruxpin and Rainbow Brite-esque universe. Granted the animatronics aren’t as “animated” as those with Disney’s signature, but the duration of the ride is filled with colorful, imaginative, and humorous scenes.

It’s no Phantom Theatre (King’s Island), but Rainbow Bandits has earned a spot in my dark ride top ten.

Special thanks to DreamUSJ for posting the on-ride video.

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Hot Off the Presses: AppleSeeds Features Amusement Parks

25 Jun

AppleSeeds magazine launches a thrilling issue this summer with “How the World Works: Amusement Parks.” While AppleSeeds is a social studies publication geared towards grades 3-5, this installment is the perfect read for coaster enthusiasts of all ages.

CraveCoasters’ own Stephen “Crave” Cravak had the honor of serving as the consulting editor ensuring each article accurately represented and portrayed the wonderful world of amusement parks.

Special thanks to AppleSeeds, editor Susan Buckley, and all of the writers, photographers and contributors for delivering a fresh, unique, and informative look into the amusement industry.

  Order a copy now!

Ride It! – Mitsui Greenland’s Gao

10 Nov

Japan: Coastered!

1 Sep

Crave the Coasterer recently conquered the amusement park rich land of Japan. In three short weeks he was able to visit 24 amusement parks and ride 91 roller coasters. Stay tuned as more Ride It! videos, park guides, and updates will be posted. Happy coastering everyone!

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Parks on the Japan Tour

*In chronological order

  • Tokyo DisneySea
  • Fujikyu Highland
  • Shinagawa Aquarium
  • Tokyo Joypolis
  • Lina World
  • Beny Land
  • Sendai Highland
  • Nasu Highland
  • Toshimaen
  • Higashiyama Zoo
  • Lagunasia
  • Nagashima Spa Land
  • Hamanako Pal Pal
  • Japan Monkey Park
  • Hirakata Park
  • Himeji Central Park
  • Parque Espana
  • Universal Studios Japan
  • Space World
  • Mitsui Greenland
  • New Reoma World
  • Washuzan Highland
  • Harmonyland
  • Kijima Kogen
  • * Went to Taberayama Park but didn’t enter since no coasters were running.

Sayonara to Loop the Loop?

16 Aug

It’s business as usual during the sweltering summer vacation season at Tohoku area amusement parks. Though Sendai Highland remains shaken from March 11th’s disastrous 8.9 level earthquake. According to Highland manager Sato-San, attendance has begun to match last year’s figures following the Golden Week holidays in May. But one of their flagship rides, the Loop the Loop shuttle roller coaster has been closed since the earthquake. Built in 1981 by Meisho, Loop the Loop continued to operate while neighboring shuttle loops, like the one at Toshimaen in Tokyo, have recently closed forever due to maintenance costs. Continue reading

Ride It! – Sendai Highland’s Mad Mouse

15 Aug

“Crave the Coasterer” recently invaded the tracks at Sendai Highland amusement park in Miyagi, Japan. Here is the Ride It! video from the park’s Mad Mouse coaster built the same year as the Hurricane.


Denied: Rainbow Spin Coaster

30 Mar

岩山パークーランド/Iwayama Park Land is the home of the Pop Spin Coaster, a Japanese built steel spinning-car out and back coaster. After gawking at caged beasts at neighboring Morioka Zoo in May of 2010, I jetted over to obtain a credit only to be…DENIED! The レインボースピンコースター/Rainbow Spin Coaster was undergoing it’s not-so-magical transformation into the ポップスピンコースター/Pop Spin Coaster and was thus closed. But that didn’t stop me from climbing over fences and sneaking into the station.

For statistical information check out the Pop Spin Coaster – RCDB Profile.

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