Iwayama Park Land


(Iwayama Park Land)

Three hours north of Tokyo (by bullet train), Morioka’s “Iwayama Park Land” is typically off the radar for coaster enthusiasts and even native Japanese tourists. But if you’re on your way up to Hokkaido and would like to spend a day long stopover in Iwate prefecture, then a trip to this little amusement parking lot is worth the diversion. Other tourist spots include  Wanko SobaMorioka Zoo, Koiwai Farm, and Tono Folklore Village.

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Basic Info:

Location: Outskirts of Morioka (city), Iwate (prefecture), Japan

Rides/Attractions: 17 (Ride list in Japanese but with pictures)

Admission Only: Adults – 400yen / Children (4yrs – elementary school) 200yen

All Rides Including Admission: Adults – 2600yen / Children (4yrs – elementary school) 2200yen

Operating Schedule: Unfortunately there website doesn’t list this info. I would call them: 019-625-1430, and just say “Nanjee kara des ka? (what time do you open)” or ask if they speak English. While many Japanese parks are open year round, given the cold temperatures of the Tohoku region, I wouldn’t be surprised if Iwayama is only open from late April through October/November, but that’s just a guess.


Pop Spin Coaster

*Dragon (RCDB)

*Dragon is a powered coaster and therefore not counted as a credit by many coaster enthusiasts

Ride Features:

World of Darkness Thriller House


Translated Directions


Official Website (in Japanese)

Rollercoaster Database’s Iwayama Profile


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