Hangover 3: Sea World Australia

24 Apr

Breaking into Mike Tyson’s estate stealing his tiger is perfectly fine because it was caught on film, for a fictional movie. It’s another matter when you pretend your Goldilocks with a video camera and break into a beloved Australian marine park to swim with the dolphins and snatch a fairy penguin from its rightful breeding grounds. Three British tourists, aged 18, 20, and 21 decided to add to the negative stereotype of UK travelers being rowdy drunks by breaking into Sea World theme park in Gold Coast, Australia. Thankfully, they posted their “Hangover” exploits on Facebook allowing police officials to track them down. As for Dirk, the kidnapped male penguin, he had quite an adventure after being dumped in a shark filled canal before locals discovered him on the shore. In the end, the dolphins probably aren’t scarred from the skinny dipping intruders, Dirk is back with his mate Peaches, and the three tourists are in the hands of justice. It’s a shame Aquaman doesn’t exist, or he would have surely kicked the pearls out of these hooligans.

For more on this story, read the following articles: Huff PostAOL Travel, and CBS News.
Special thanks to Screamscape for bringing this news to the coaster community. If you haven’t already, make sure to bookmark Screamscape, the best site for amusement park industry news, today!

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