Name that Coaster: Round 2

1 Apr

Welcome to CraveCoaster’s “Name that Coaster.”

We show you a photo of some track, and you guess which coaster it is. Keep track of your points and comment below, so the world can know who is the SUPREME COASTER SPOTTER!


  • +10: Correct Name (allow yourself 3 guesses)


  • +2: Designer/Maker
  • +2: Park
  • +2: Year


  • -1: for each hint used


1.) “Why is there a man standing in the middle of the coaster?”

2.) It wouldn’t be strange to rock a vegemite sandwich after riding.

3.) Its host park has a “sister” on the eastern coast.

4.) Last of its name still operating.

5.) Picturesque Tramline

Click here to reveal the answer!


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