24 Mar

“As men get older, the toys get more expensive.” – Marvin Davis

The creative geniuses over at CoasterDynamix are letting the public get their hands on some of their hot model coaster trains and tracks for a fraction of the cost. Visiting KickStarter and pledging to purchase an item helps the toy maker survive in this difficult economy. Without our support, we may lose the world’s finest coaster toy maker. I encourage all COASTERERS to back this company by pledging anywhere from $15 and beyond. Your kindness will be rewarded with some of their finest creations. Click here to get involved!

URGENT: You have only till Apr 10, 03:56pm EDT to back this project!

From the KickStarter site:

CoasterDynamix was started by two roller coaster enthusiasts (one of which actually designs real roller coasters!). The company has existed as an in-development side project for many years. Every dollar made has gone right back into the company to develop the system. We believe the product is finally perfect. In order to actually get a production run of these things, we need Kickstarter’s help!

 All of our models are interchangeable! Using our screw-together rigid track combined with our super-flexible ‘flex-track’, you can design a coaster of your own!

For a pledge of $15 or more, you get one of our cool Statix train models. For a pledge of Pledge of $35 or more you get the Sidewinder! For $75 or more you get the Dive Bomber! For $175 or more you get the Scorpion! For a pledge of $500 or more you get a very limited-edition, hand-build Comet!

If you REALLY like our stuff, and have $5000 to play with, we will personally work with you to design your very own working roller coaster model! This could be something REALLY cool for your entertainment room, or for your restaurant front window! You design it, we build it. Simple!

Overseas shipping will have to be a bit extra, usually $20-30 to Europe or Australia.


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