Coaster Museum (Sort Of)

6 Jan

“A museum has to renew its collection to be alive, but that does not mean we give on important old works.” – David Rockefeller

In some cities, the local amusement park is just that. But in Pittsburgh, Kennywood is traditional: a family tradition. You’ll never hear people speak so fondly of a park than in Pittsburgh. You’d think the place had been running for a hundred years. Well, it has, more than 110 to be exact.

A park as rich in amusement history as Kennywood deserves its own museum. It’s not getting one anytime soon, but at least the Senator John Heinz History Center was kind enough to display one of the Racer’s classic coaster cars. To learn more about Kennywood let the History Center enchant your speakers. Well without further ado here’s the car… complete with Howdy Doody teasing short people.

Man's Best Friend and a Ginger

Grab a Seat

Friendly Racers

"Stay classy coasterers."


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