Eggorama: Tokyo Disneyland’s Easter Wonderland

2 Jun

Japan, once a proud isolated island nation, maintains its pride while inviting global culture and customs. For instance, Christmas has already unwrapped itself. Though Easter is still hiding, unless you visit Tokyo Disneyland. From April till June 30th, nestle yourself into a pastel menegerie of easter eggs.

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So what’s different? The biggest change is in the gift shops as Disney politely pushes you to purchase pastel merchandise. In all fairness, Easter Wonderland fits the need of its Asian audience who desire more of a picturesque experience as opposed to thrill rides. Thus, the Easter Wonderland parade (11:00 and 16:45), easter displays, living statues round out the features. The highlight is the easter egg hunt where guests can randomly find Disney character easter eggs.



While not worth the trip solely for Easter Wonderland, it’s definitely a welcome bonus to a repeat visit or tourists already in the Tokyo area. In regards to Disney events, I still rank Hong Kong Disneyland’s Haunted Halloween.

For an in depth look at the merchandise take a peek at the gift shop to see what’s available, and if you fancy adorable edibles check out the menu.

 Tokyo Disneyland’s official Easter Wonderland website. (日本語だけ/Japanese only)

For additional pictures of Disney’s Easter Wonderland, including high quality shots of the displays, visit Pooh’s Travels.


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