Supersonic Odyssey (Cosmo’s World)

2 Jun

When you think of an indoor roller coaster, chances are “Space Mountain” blasts into your thought cloud.

When you think of an indoor amusement park, chances are you’ll say “it probably stinks.” Unless you’ve been to Lotte World or Mall of America’s Nickelodeon Universe, you may be right.

It’s unfair to compare an indoor coaster to one located inside an indoor park. Thankfully RCDB identifies the former as ‘enclosed’ and the latter as ‘indoor.’ The difference being an enclosed coaster is contained within an exclusive structure whereas an indoor coaster hangs out in a pre-existing building/indoor park.

Looking at Berjaya Times Square, one immediately notices a massive hotel, but as the world’s fifth largest building it packs so much more. There’s a 13-floor shopping mall, and hidden in the back just happens to be Cosmo’s World, Asia’s largest indoor theme park. Thankfully designers decided to install the centerpiece coaster: Supersonic Odyssey opening in 2003 after 3 years of construction.

Respect goes out to Supersonic Odyssey’s predecessors, which started debuting 18 years prior. While 2008’s Spongebob SquarePants coaster has a beyond 90-degree drop, it’s merely half of the length of Supersonic Odyssey. According to some, Odyssey is the world’s biggest indoor coaster.

Though truth be told, I was disappointed. I blame high expectations. Odyssey is built by Intamin. For those not aware, this firm is the “speed demon” of the coaster community. They’re responsible for such record breakers as Kingda Ka (tallest – Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey), and Formula Rossa (fastest – Ferrari World, Dubai). Despite having researched this piece of steel prior to my visit, I envisioned a launched train soaring through a space themed environment over hoards of shoppers. Instead, I was given a beer: it was smooth, original, and refreshing. Putting the lift hill in the middle of the ride also added to the thrills. My hat (pants) is off to anyone who can cram such a beast inside the 5th-8th floors of a shopping mall. Still, I’m a sucker for theming, and felt Odyssey could use a dose much like Warner Brother’s Movie World’s Superman Escape.

Great expectations aside, if the competition doesn’t defeat you, you become the champ by default. Consequently, Supersonic Odyssey ranks as my “Interim King of the Indoor Coasters” until it is dethroned by a coaster I haven’t yet ridden.


*1985: Mindbender at Galaxyland in Edmonton, Canada

1989: French Revolution at Lotte World in Seoul, Korea

1993: Canyon Blaster at Circus Circus’s Adventuredome in Las Vegas, USA

*2008: SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge at Nickelodeon Universe in Minnesota, USA

* I have yet to conquer this coaster.


POV (Point of View) Ride on Supersonic

Supersonic Odyssey’s RCDB Profile


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